Uniquely You

Discovering Yourself and Your Dreams

Course Summary

 Are you ready to build confidence in who you are in Christ and develop the "why" behind your goals?

Now that you have read "Mind Over Marathon: Overcoming Mental Barriers in the Race of Life," it is time to take all the important lessons from it and put them into practice. Presented by the book's author, Gabe Cox, this course is a deep dive into finding your worth in Christ, realigning your passions and purpose, and discovering the ‘why’ behind your God-given dreams. If you're feeling a tug to use your gifts for God's glory and make a ripple-effect impact, then this course is for you!

The modules are based on the first three chapters of the book and will help you look inward to expand upon your dreams and find your purpose. By doing this, you will lay down the perfect foundation to kickstart your growth and start setting (and smashing) goals.

Every module consists of reading, videos, and worksheets to help you do the groundwork. You will be guided every step of the way in learning how to like who God created you to be and to move in the direction He calls you to. God has made you uniquely you, and it's now time to find out how!

This Course is for you if ...

You want to create a passion and purpose for your life
You want to dive deeper and discover your greatest qualities and strengths
You want to build confidence in who you are and work to eliminate self-doubt in your life
You want to learn how to dream again, or you want to become a bigger dreamer.
You want practical ways to discover those dreams and figure out which are most important right now
You want to become the best role model for your kids so they can learn how to set and attain their own goals

Course Curriculum

Gabe’s book and other works have opened my eyes to how wonderfully success principles can be woven around faith-based teaching. What she teaches is powerful, practical, and most importantly - incredibly personable. You will be nodding your head in agreement and following her on a journey that anyone who has been on a mission to accomplish can relate to.

Dr. Christie Martins
Professional Copywriter


Hey Winner!

I'm Gabe Cox, and I am a faith-based author, podcaster, and coach. My mission is to help you step into the fire of refinement and come out stronger so you can crush your goals. I do this by helping you overcome any mental barriers standing in the way of your goals, whether it’s limiting beliefs holding you back or just not knowing what direction to take or where to start. I hold you accountable to get done what you want each week and help simplify your game plan so you can work it around your everyday life. 

What you need to know:

I will challenge your mindsets, and you may not like me 100% of the time. I believe in you, and as your coach, I am not willing to leave you where you’re at. You have to be willing to get dirty and dig deep as we define strategies and break down barriers. There’s always room for grace, but I’ll provide the tough love when you need it. I’ll give you that extra push you need to get out the door and working on your goals. Investing in yourself is an investment worth making.

 What you can expect from me: 

Accountability, Thought Process, Encouragement, Tough Love, Clear Objectives, No Judgement

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    In all things I pray...

    Don’t let your mindset hold you back to the realm of endless opportunities.

    It is time for you to achieve the things you have wanted to.

    So, are you ready to dream and achieve big?

    You just run YOUR race! I believe in you :)