One-On-One Coaching Options

Do you want to run your race, run your business, or run your life more intentionally? You're in the right place!

Red Hot Power Hour

This is a one-time 60-minute breakthrough call


What you get:
This is a one-time power hour packed with goodness! We will begin by discussing your current goal and the particular challenge you are finding yourself in. We will dig a bit deeper and identify the reason for those barriers and discuss ways to break through them. We’ll discuss any questions you have, and I’ll provide any guidance I deem appropriate. We will come up with a game plan for 1-3 tasks for you to implement as you work toward your goals so you have a clear objective and direction by the time we hang up.

This is for you if:
You are feeling stuck and just need a little guidance getting started and breaking through a few mental barriers. You are self-driven and don’t need as much accountability as you do a clear objective. You want to talk through some obstacles or distractions that have surfaced and flesh out how to overcome them and get to work. After the call you should feel lighter and excited to pursue your goal and have the direction you need to do so.

Red Hot Power Hour Session

Red Hot Accountability (Monthly)

One 60-minute call each month with a 6-month commitment

$197 per month

What you get:
One 60-minute accountability/mindset call -- On this call we will look back at the last month and decipher any mental or physical blocks that may be happening to keep you from moving forward in your goal and coach you through it. We will establish a game plan for the current month with 1-3 intentional items for you to tackle so you no longer feel the overwhelm of busy.

You will have access to me via Voxer (voice-mail app) -- You can use this for daily accountability check-ins or for any questions that come up throughout the month. I am here for you and will check the app once a day during the business week.

This is for you if:
You know you’re on the right track but need a mentor to help you stay accountable to your goals. You want someone to bounce ideas off or talk over any barriers that come up throughout the prior month that may be hindering your growth.

Red Hot Accountability (Monthly)


“Gabe’s coaching not only got me to the finish line at the Twin Cities Marathon, but helped me accomplish a Boston Marathon qualifying time. I’ve been a runner for almost 30 years, so I was not worried about getting in the training. With some of my previous longer races, the most difficult part was mental. Gabe worked with me to make sure I was mentally prepared for the race through naming my goals, my racing and fueling strategies, how to be mentally tough when the race got tough. Was the marathon easy? Nope. But I made it! And I will use these same strategies when I complete my next marathon!”

Rachel Baar
Moms on the Run Coach

Angie O'Keefe

 Tiny Habits & Life Coach

“At the time I reached out to Gabe, I had a broad vision for what I wanted to be doing but had been stuck for a number of months. I felt like I was staring at a huge wall of fear and was feeling frustrated that I had stalled out for so long. From my first conversation with Gabe, I felt hope. Her questions and guidance helped me refine my vision and create an action plan. Each week we talked through where I was at, she encouraged me, and she helped me create my next 2-4 action items. With Gabe’s help and guidance, I went from being completely stalled out to launching my business in 3 1/2 months!”

 “Working with Gabe helped me find the value in parts of my story that had disappointed me or frustrated me. She helped me own my story, and talk about it with confidence, which has helped me significantly in my marketing efforts and in my social media presence as a small business owner. She championed me while I did the deep work of wrapping words around my story, and mined insights that I couldn't see on my own. She's a gem!” 

Becca Rusinko
Life Coach

Run Your Race

Are you an avid runner going after a specific race goal and need some accountability pushing through the harder workouts and coaching to establish a mentally tough attitude? Mental training is kind of my jam!

Run Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur who wants accountability in a startup or a specific business goal you are going after, and you need help eliminating distractions and being intentional in the activities you work on? We can make that happen!

Run Your Life

Maybe you’re a mom who wants accountability to declutter or prioritize your schedule so you can free up your mind and your time for your family. I can help you get on track and create a life balance you’ll love!

Gabe Cox

Hey Winner!

I'm Gabe Cox, and I am a faith-based author, podcaster, and coach. My mission is to help you step into the fire of refinement and come out stronger so you can crush your goals. I do this by helping you overcome any mental barriers standing in the way of your goals, whether it’s limiting beliefs holding you back or just not knowing what direction to take or where to start. I hold you accountable to get done what you want each week and help simplify your game plan so you can work it around your everyday life. 

What you need to know:

I will challenge your mindsets, and you may not like me 100% of the time. I believe in you, and as your coach, I am not willing to leave you where you’re at. You have to be willing to get dirty and dig deep as we define strategies and break down barriers. There’s always room for grace, but I’ll provide the tough love when you need it. I’ll give you that extra push you need to get out the door and working on your goals. Investing in yourself is an investment worth making.

 What you can expect from me: 

Accountability, Thought Process, Encouragement, Tough Love, Clear Objectives, No Judgement

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    • Red Hot Accountability (Monthly)
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