Intentional Purpose Plan Coaching

Are you ready to do something for yourself that makes an impact even as a busy mom?

One-on-One Coaching

It’s time to turn your interest into purpose so you can not only do something for yourself that makes an impact, but so you can also be the best example for your kids!

 Learn how to uncover your passions, create a purposeful goal, build simple habits for consistency, and eliminate distractions pulling you in a thousand directions. Finding the time to put your intentional purpose plan into action is going to be simpler than you think!

Intentional Purpose Plan Framework


Discover your interests Decide on a purposeful goal  Get an unstuck mindset  Turning your passions into purpose begins with uncovering your interests and God-given gifts. In our first session together we go deep into partnering with God to discover your calling work.    


Create your intentional purpose plan Break into a specific, tangible strategy Create monthly action steps  As a busy mom, it will be crucial for you to create an intentional plan for how you’ll find time to dedicate to your calling work. This session, we will break your purpose  down into tangible, stepping-stone goals so you don’t get overwhelmed and quit on yourself.  


Create simple systems Form practical routines Understand where you spend your time  Knowing where you’re spending your time and creating systems to help you build consistency is key. In this session we will formulate simple routines and systems to help you build white space into your day.    


Simplify your schedule Set boundaries Manage time effectively  Squirrel brain is real for busy moms, and it’s time for you to focus on your most important tasks in this season. This session is dedicated to breaking down the “too much on your plate” problem and creating a strategy to simplify those responsibilities. 

Hey Mama,

 When I chose to dust off my dreams that I put on the shelf when I entered motherhood, I was terrified of putting myself out there because what if I never reached my goal? I was afraid of falling short, and life seemed safer standing on the sidelines. But, I realized that I didn’t want my kids to grow up and ask me, “What did you do?” I wanted to be their example - so I did the thing scared.  

Do you know what I found? I learned that when I leaned into Him and obeyed His whispers of truth, my confidence and strength grew, and I hit two massive goals: qualifying for the Boston Marathon and publishing my first book. I learned that my interests were desires placed in my heart by God to fulfill my calling work (and my kids got to see what it takes to win in the process!).  

If you’re ready to find what you love to do the most, and create a plan for you to turn that interest that you rarely have time for as a busy mom into a tangible thing that you intentionally do every single week, I’m the coach for you.  

 Whether your interest turns into a business, whether it's just for fun, or whether it's a fulfillment of sorts for you, you need to start doing your passion with intention because, friend, it's part of your purpose!  

Rooting for you,  


Angie O'Keefe, 

Tiny Habits and Life Coach

 “At the time I reached out to Gabe, I had a broad vision for what I wanted to be doing but had been stuck for a number of months. I felt like I was staring at a huge wall of fear and was feeling frustrated that I had stalled out for so long. From my first conversation with Gabe, I felt hope. Her questions and guidance helped me refine my vision and create an action plan. Each week we talked through where I was at, she encouraged me, and she helped me create my next 2-4 action items. With Gabe’s help and guidance, I went from being completely stalled out to launching my business in 3 1/2 months!”

Rachel Baar

Moms on the Run Coach

“Gabe’s coaching not only got me to the finish line at the Twin Cities Marathon, but helped me accomplish a Boston Marathon qualifying time. I’ve been a runner for almost 30 years, so I was not worried about getting in the training. With some of my previous longer races, the most difficult part was mental. Gabe worked with me to make sure I was mentally prepared for the race through naming my goals, my racing and fueling strategies, how to be mentally tough when the race got tough. Was the marathon easy? Nope. But I made it! And I will use these same strategies when I complete my next marathon!”

Becca Rusinko

Life Coach

“Working with Gabe helped me find the value in parts of my story that had disappointed me or frustrated me. She helped me own my story and talk about it with confidence, which has helped me significantly in my marketing efforts and in my social media presence as a small business owner. She championed me while I did the deep work of wrapping words around my story, and mined insights that I couldn't see on my own. She's a gem!”

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