Heart-Centered Coach

Turn your knowledge into a coaching offer so you can make an impact and earn extra money!

If you're interested in learning how to turn your knowledge into a profitable side hustle, this program is for you!

Your kids are now school-aged, more independent, and you've been asking yourself, "What's next?" With inflation skyrocketing, you're feeling the need to make some extra money to take the pressure off, and you're ready to make an impact outside your home bubble. Turning your knowledge into coaching sounds like a great side hustle to consider.

But... you don't want to sacrifice your family time, and you have no idea where to start! It sounds simple enough, but you're asking yourself if you're good enough, if you know enough, if people will want what you have to offer, and if you have what it takes to make something like this work for you. It doesn't have to be such a challenge!

All you need is a no-fail system to start coaching with ease and confidence. If you can build a solid coaching offer, set up your workflows to keep you organized, and have some guidance on how to confidently deliver during the coaching sessions, I have no doubt that you can both make an impact and money all while enjoying what you do.

Phase 1

Craft Your Coaching Offer

Craft your irresistible coaching offer to gain your first clients

Phase 2

Set Up Your Systems

Craft your irresistible coaching offer to gain your first clients

Phase 3

Coach With Heart

Craft your irresistible coaching offer to gain your first clients

Are you ready to discover what's next and turn your knowledge into a coaching offer so you can make an impact AND some extra money to take the pressure off?

Meet Your Coach

Gabe Cox is an author, podcaster, and coach who helps women turn their knowledge into heart-centered coaching with a no fail workflow so that they can make an impact and extra money to take the pressure off.

Once her kids all moved out of the diaper and toddler stage, she asked herself, "What's next?" and decided it was time to listen to the tug on her heart and hone those coaching skills she had built up from 10+ years of leadership training and turn them into an online business. She's coached in many different facets: helping entrepreneurs start and grow online businesses, helping women create their intentional purpose plans so they can go after their God-given goals while maintaining a work-life balance, and she's also coached athletics including basketball, gymnastics, and running.

She started as a hot-mess mom express without any direction or system, but, after much trial and error, she's developed a no-fail workflow that keeps her (and her clients) organized so she can forget the menial details and focus on what she loves most: coaching.

Today she teaches her method to other women looking to start their own coaching businesses, and it's changed her life forever by giving her the flexibility and time freedom she desperately desired (to be present with her family and create lasting memories).

Denise Wilbanks
This is My Everybody

“Gabe has this added layer that is always infused within her coaching... When I’m getting advice from her, I know it’s not just business advice. It’s not just business principles that she has learned and is passing on to me... There is a much more custom expansive purpose as well to support me in creating the heart-centered experience and impact I want for my business... So, when I apply Gabe’s suggestions, I am not only elevating my business, but I am elevating my personal experience, the experience of my clients... and, ultimately, the experience of the world we are living in... This is the resonating effect of heart-centered coaching... and what I want for my business.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Though there will be some marketing talk within the program, the goal is to help you determine what type of coach you want to be, set up your systems so you are organized, and teach you how to coach effectively. We're helping you to get started, and the backend of coaching is so, so important to have in order before you begin!

You'll want to plan to set aside 2-4 hours a week to work on your coaching program. Our goal is to break this up in simple, manageable chunks for you so you can add this into your life without sacrificing family time.

Your satisfaction is our priority! If you change your mind or aren't satisfied for any reason, just send us an email within 14 days of purchase, and we'll give you a full refund within 48 business hours.

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