Simplified Business Goals Strategy

Get your business goals and to-dos under control so you can grow!

What is setting up a goal strategy & systems that work worth to you for your business?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all your ambitious goals and business to-dos? Are you having a hard time prioritizing what to do next so you’re not doing anything at all?

What if I told you that you can set it and forget it when it comes to those recurring life tasks and not have to keep those worries in your head? What if I told you that you could do the same thing for your work or business to keep you organized and feeling in control of your to-do list?  

There is a simple way to do just that.  

This simple 3-step method to organize your life & business with Asana will help you NOT lay awake at night trying to remember not to forget all the things you have to do the next day or week or well into the future. You can fall asleep stress-free knowing your organized workflow will be there waiting for you in the morning.

Are You Ready Once And For All To Get Everything Out Of Your Head And Into A Project Management System So That You Can Gain Back More Time For The Things You Love? 

Are you sick of not knowing what to prioritize when in your business? Sick of the hustle culture and want a different strategy? My simple business goals strategy is just what you need, and it will work for the seasons you’re in and the capacity you have. You CAN work your business goals into your lifestyle without sacrificing everything to achieve them. All you need is a little organization and a simple workflow that you'll actually use without having to think too hard.

A Look Inside the Program

Business strategy helped Lorian lauch quicker!

“Gabe is a fantastic coach! She's a genius at drawing out of you exactly where you are, where you want to be, and helping you figure out how to get there. I was able to launch months ahead of schedule thanks to Gabe."

Lorian Adams, Planner Paradise

Meet Your Coach

Gabe Cox is a faith-based author, podcaster, coach, and founder of Red Hot Mindset. She uses her passion for running to explore ideas around mental training, simplicity, and goal setting.

From a young age she dreamed of becoming an author, but she put those dreams on the shelf in the name of motherhood and self-sacrifice, only in recent years to realize she could be BOTH a good mom AND go after her dreams – setting the example for her kids.

In her writing, she helps women let go of the mom guilt and realize both a flourishing motherhood and the finish line to their God-given pursuits (without sacrificing family time). Our kids are always watching us, and we are their best example to know how to set, work toward, and hit a goal.

Course Pricing

10% of all proceeds go directly to Mercy Multiplied to help young women overcome trauma and find transformation in Christ.

Alicia Cohen

Alicia Cohen Designs

Gabe helps me know exactly what to do next. She quiets the noise of all that I could be doing and gives me clear, actionable plans for what my next steps are right now that move me in the right direction. Through working with Gabe, I save so much time, effort, and money by not looking here, there, and everywhere for answers and solutions. 


You’ll have access to all course materials for the lifetime of the course. You’ll also have access to any future updates we make to the program.

That is up to you! It should really only take you about a weekend :)

Included in your purchase, you have 1-1 email coaching with Gabe for 30 days. Reach out anytime you’re feeling stuck or you have a question, and she’ll help you out with some personalized feedback and advice!

Your satisfaction is our priority! If you change your mind or aren’t satisfied for any reason, just send us an email within 7 days of purchase, and we’ll give you a full refund within 48 business hours.